“Great experience. Len was very clear with all of his points, gave simple and cheap strategies, and provided amazing examples from his clients. ”

“The material was super helpful, and it was all stuff that any startup can do.”

“Amazing. I walked away with practical knowledge that I applied the very next day. ”

“Above and beyond. Best speaker I’ve heard at a Founders League event so far. ”

“Len has the unique ability to provide practical and hugely impactful advice in a way that’s approachable for all levels of marketers and entrepreneurs”

“Len’s workshop was something of a rare gem in entrepreneurial programming: somehow both incredibly succinct (less than an hour!) but also filled with deep, actionable wisdom. Beyond the content, which was wonderfully organized and detailed, Len does a great job of delivering his material in a way that’s both engaging and charming. ”

“In a single hour, Len solved marketing challenges for our startups that they had been struggling with for weeks and months. It was a no-brainer to bring him back for more.”